IOMEGA (Citizen) X1DE 7 in 1 USB Floppy / Card Reader Windows 7 No Driver Fix

Got Windows 7, and Trying to get one of these to work to no avail? I’ve got an easy fix for you, that works like a charm.

After windows reports that driver installation was unsuccessful,

1) Go to Device Manager (Right Click “Computer” and choose “Properties” at the top left, click on “Device Manager”.

2) Find the X1DE drive listed there with a yellow exclamation, right click on it, and choose “Update Driver Software”,

3) Then choose “Browse My Computer For Driver Software”

4) Choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”

5) Make sure “Show All Devices” at the top is Highlighted and click “Next”

6) In the left window under “Manufacturer” Scroll down and click on “NEC Systems”

7) In the right window click on “NEC USB Floppy” then click “Next” (if any warnings pop up, click “yes” and continue)

8) Click Next, OK, Finish or Continue on each dialogue now until installation completes.

It should work now!