Trouble adding youtube videos to your blog? (WordPress tips)

Ever go to add a youtube video, or multiple youtube videos to your blog and find when you preview before publishing that it’s not the right video, or all the video’s you added are the exact same video (and not the right one anyway)? wordpress issuesThis is probably caused because you’re copying the video address or link from the video itself, within the authors or someone else’s list of videos.

The key here is to make sure the link looks like this:h++p://

(ignore + signs, these were used to avoid auto link being inserted)

and not like this:

(again, ignore + signs, these were used to avoid auto link being inserted)

The link you’re inserting should have a short set of mixed characters, after the /watch?v= like in the green example above, anything else will probably not work. (If you notice however, the red link is the same but adds &list= and more mixed characters. So as long as you remove the “&list=” and everything after it, your link should work as expected.)

Another Tip:

Ever go to the “Insert URL” under “Add Media” in wordpress, and have it not actually insert the video, but only a regular web link, and no matter how many times you try re-inserting the link, wordpress just does this same thing over and over? There’s an easy fix for this:

Find the link in your article (we’ll use the examples from above here again)

WordPress has inserted –
Which is appearing as a regular web link when you preview. To fix this merely add [y0utube= before the link and ] at the end of the link like this:


(I had to use “0” instead of “o” in the word “youtube” above, so wordpress didn’t automatically assume I was trying to insert a youtube video. Make sure you don’t copy and paste what I’ve shown above as it’s incorrect due to the substitution.)

NOTE: From what I’ve seen, wordpress does this almost every single time with youtube links that begin with https:// instead of http://

If yo have any questions, be sure to comment below and I’ll answer as best I can.