Watch Parts (Bands, Pins, Batteries etc.) & Repair Resources for a steal!

rolex-watch-repairBeing a watch guy, that collects, and repairs my own watches, I’ve come across a few sites that are priceless when it comes to getting me what I need to repair, or upgrade watches. When I say priceless, I mean absolutely stellar. Why? Because these sites and their proprietors not only provide a wealth of information and ordering capabilities, but also some great prices, as well as great products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

In the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles – All Watch Parts is my main source for the following:



I’ve dealt with these guys via amazon, ebay, their own website and over the phone and their just the best.
Check em out at

(these guys were a lifesaver recently when I majorly flubbed a simple job of replacing a movement battery for a secondary band movement on a classic, collectible, super hard to find Mickey Mouse Watch. After replacing the battery, my hand slipped while using the “watch back replacement tool” causing the guide to slip over onto the tiny crystal [12mm] and shatter it. I was able to easily find a replacement crystal for only $1, as well as a replacement band [the original had links removed and is too small])

For Quality bands/straps and great customer service, as well as an awesome web site that provides documentation for guidance such as a printable watch band width, and length measuring guide (which can also be used to determine your crystal, face and springbar sizes) I highly recommend Strapped for Time.strappedfortime

Check them out at

Here’s a link to the printable measuring guide:

and of course, some movements, bands, crystals, springbars, and even faces can be found on both Amazon and E-Bay.

Now if I could just find a good resource for Fossil and Invicta watches…..


Watch Me! (or Almost A Different Time Piece Every Day)

I have previously posted about my fascination with Watches, Clocks and Timepieces. Along the way I have mentioned and promised pics of my entire collection. Much easier said than done, as there are now 282 in all.

My vision was to post pics of each, with a short description, current retail price, actual price I paid, and any repairs I performed to restore to working order. As long winded as I tend to be, I’m sure some of you would be willing to run me over in an SUV if I posted in my normal detailed way. To spare you, I try not to do that, and be short and concise, allowing you to enjoy the pics, but make no guarantees as sometimes the details are what make the piece even more special.


In addition to a general overall collection set of pics, (Above) when I have time, I will post individual watch pics with short descriptions over the next year or so. You might want to subscribe (at top right) that way you will get an email letting you know each time I’ve added a new set of pics. (if you do subscribe, don’t forget to retrieve the email sent to you and to click on the link to activate the subscription in that email.)

Overall Collection – 282 watches, 6 acrylic cases. (holding 22 x 1, 36 x 4, and 60 x1) 2 leather/Vinyl Cases (12 ea) and 1 double level leather (20 ea.) All full, I’m now out of room, #’s 277 – 282 have no place to go.

Of the 4 Acrylic cases that hold 36 ea. 2 were each epoxied to the tops of the other 2 upside down. Giving me actually 2 Acrylic turnstile displays that hold 72 Ea. and an empty rotating area above Where the Felix watches sit.

2 Leather cases are not shown, they are here (Below), along with top view of yellow vinyl Invicta case:

2012-06-02 23.11.41(0)

2012-06-02 23.12.15

2012-06-02 23.12.05

Individual Watches

NOTE: Pictures shown are stock, or were taken by the seller or previous owner. If you see hands or arms, they are not mine, as I feel my hand/arm celebrity training are not adequate.

We’ll start off the pics, with the most recent 2 additions:

1) Adee Kaye AK7000-M$(KGrHqV,!p8FC31!E)+3BQ5yPS!SdQ~~60_12

Retail price: $312.99

    My Cost: $32

Repairs Needed?: Yes

Marked as new, however case screw missing and feature buttons not working. Possible adjustment of Stems/Contacts needed.

Repaired?: Yes.

$(KGrHqZHJEsFDMtWwZZ-BQ5yPU2PjQ~~60_12 $T2eC16NHJIIE9qTYI1vNBQ5yP(fLL!~~60_12$(KGrHqVHJEIFDNq6(,SdBQ5yP,Ntsw~~60_12

2) Station Masters Watch


Retail price:  Gift

My Cost: N/A

Repairs Needed?: No

Railroads have had strict standards for timepieces since the mid-1800s. This replica brass station master’s watch reproduces one from 1908 and features “approved for railroad service” features such as an open-faced dial with the stem at 12 o’clock. Made for display in this glass-domed case, as it would have been kept in a station master’s office.

2012 Christmas Gift from my Sis!

Repaired?: No.

(Available from National Geograhic Catalog and Website)



Updated Jan. 26, 2013

3) Bewell Black Sandalwood and Maple


Retail price:  $65 – $75

My Cost: $45

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: A Buddy of mine has been said to use the phrase “That’s Nuttier Than A Wooden Watch”, but he’s going to have to change this now to something like “I would say that’s nuttier than a wooden watch, but a friend actually owns a couple of wooden watches, so maybe it’s just nuttier than he is.”

Number 2 of the Wood watches in my collection.

Wood watches are becoming very popular and are considered “Green” as they are hand carved from natural woods (this one is Bamboo and Sandalwood) and help keep our environment clean. Wood watches are also said to become more $(KGrHqFHJF!FDHn!1RQhBQ73JrEB2!~~60_57beautiful with time due to absorbing the natural oils from your skin, which also helps to preserve them.

Repaired?: No.



4) Android Volcano



Retail price:  $159

My Cost: $75

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: I know you’ve heard of an Android phone, but what about an Android watch? The Android watch Company is in no way related to those that make Android phones. Android watches usually have a simple design, yet stand out as being very unique. They’re also usually incredibly sturdy. I have an Invicta that’s almost the size of this Android, that a long time friend exclaimed “Holy moly, that’s not a watch, it’s a weapon!” Just think what he’d say if he saw this one! In the pic below you can see just how big this watch is (pic from internet)

tumblr_largeI fell in love with the design of this watch as soo$(KGrHqZ,!k4F!c0-0pYZBQbLvO5yn!~~60_57n as I saw it for the first time about 9 months ago, my only complaint is the band. The hands and markers on this watch are a “Sun” yellow, which is a bright yellow that has a slight orange tint, yet they sell this model with a Fluorescent orange rubber watch band. It’s a divers watch, so I understand the rubber part, but why Black Light Orange? The band should match the face or the hands and markers. (IMHO) That being my general feeling on the matter, I immediately called up a dealer that I’ve gotten bands for my Invicta’s from, and had them ship me a black leather band with sun yellow stitches that should match the hands and markers and the face rather handsomly.


Interestingly, Androids next version up (shown in pics below), the Chrono version of this watch, comes with a Black leather band that has the same stitching but again, in orange. I also will be reserving funds for this slightly more expensive Chrono version. I’ve always liked Chrono’s, especially when they have an aviation look to them, and this one does.

Number 2 of the Android watches in my collection.

Android Volcano Chrono (Below) – I don’t have this version yet, but it’s on my list to obtain in near future:



41-MU3EUWkL._AA300_   $T2eC16RHJHoE9n3Ke97GBQofmOhM7Q~~60_57.

5) Casio Edifice AMW-200


Retail price:  Gift

My Cost: N/A Gift

Repairs Needed?: Yes

Details: I Originally received this watch as a gift when I was young. It quickly became a favorite, but didn’t get worn long before the band broke. It was put in a drawer then, until the internet came along and the bands could be easily found online. I always got comments on this watch. Eventually the bezel began cracking, so I improvised and engineered a way to use an exacto knife to cut away the cracked bezel parts (over the buttons on each side) and still have a fashionable looking watch. It bugged me though. I saw one up for sale on ebay for $12 in perfect working condition, but the band was broke. I figured I’d steal it’s bezel to put on mine. When it arrived I discovered it was in better shape than mine was, so I ordered a band for it. putting these bands on requires removing the Bezel. In removing the Bezel, it cracked in 2 places, and one of the top screw mounts broke completely off. I repaired this with plastic epoxy and the watch now sits next to it’s altered bezel counterpart, looking almost brand new.

Throughout my youth I had 2 favorite watches, this one, and a Timex i-Control watch that was similar in size and shape, both had resin bands that broke numerous times and had to be replaced. Unlike Timex however, Casio still makes the bands for this watch. Timex stopped making replacements for the i-control years ago.


6) Pulsar PF3609X1

Retail price:  $295

My Cost: $225

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: I’ve always loved the big pulsar watches. I happened across this model when I was looking for info on the newest pulsar models, and found this listed on ebay UK. Most of the few listings I found would not ship to the us, and of course were listed in English pounds or Euro’s. More digging led me to an Australian watch shop who had listed on ebay US. “Latest Chunky Pulsar” which was an accurate but funny title. I contacted them via phone, and was told they no longer had these in stock, only the 1 listed on Ebay. Then they called me back and said they were incorrect, they had a 2nd one, brand new with tags, they’d be glad to hold (put on lay away) if I put down a

Picture 41

deposit. I did, and it took a few months of sending payments to get it paid off, (and almost a month to ship to me from down under) but it was well worth it. This watch was not sold in the U.S. and was very hard to find. (and still is, if you search, you’ll see 99% of the results are in the UK)


Generally speaking, I don’t care for watches with white faces, but this one definitely is a thing of beauty. One of my favorites, and one of the few I paid almost full price for.







pxh631 Retail price:  $155

My Cost: $56

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Another Chunky Pulsar, actually, I had just purchased this one, and was looking for other Pulsar models I might like, when I came across the one listed above this one. Currently this model is still sold in the U.S. and can be found for $70 on sites like Newegg, Sears, K-Mart etc.

Another of my favorites, then again, each of my collection has some uniqueness and is a favorite, some more so than others, but ALL of my Pulsars bring a smile.

 $(KGrHqQOKpUE6T2s6Sl4BOseLLrk4w~~60_57$(KGrHqF,!lcE6htclz4KBOseLCo20g~~60_57I never did complete the task that started it all, attempting to find a Pulsar like a high school friend had that was big, and thick, but I did find a lot of other cool Pulsars instead.


8) Invicta Corduba 7136

invicta-corduba-wrist invicta-corduva-7136 invicta-corduva-7136-skeleton invicta-signature-collection-7136

MSRP: $795

Current Retail: $295 to $550

My Cost: $250

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: I originally came across this model on ebay, which introduced me to Invicta watches. The 7136 being sold was used, was missing its band, and the divers screw down cap mechanism that covers the crown.

I won the ebay auction, thinking I would order the missing crown cap. Invicta will not sell parts to customers, but requires customers to send watches in for repairs.

I’m sorry, I don’t trust my collection pieces to USPS, UPS, DHL or even Fedx. (Especially in light of the fact I’ve had issue after issue with all of the above except Fedx damaging, losing, destroying and refusing to honor the insurance on less expensive packages)

Still, I ordered a replacement watch band online, and wore my incomplete 7136 proudly.

Even with the crown cover missing, it was just a beautiful piece of workmanship to observe.

I spent months searching for a replacement crown cover and during that time learned how coveted and rare this model was. incredibly difficult to find at a low price or in new condition. Then one day in my meanderings, I happened across an off the radar website listing one for $595 brand new. UGH! too much!

I kept searching, and came across another site listing them for $250, but what I found was, most of these sites had never removed their pages when the 7136 was no longer in stock, so in reality, while still showing as available, a phone call revealed they were long out of stock.

I had an idea though. I emailed the store listing the one for $595 and asked if they indeed did still have it, and they replied they did. I then sent them an email with a link to the ones listed for $250 and asked if they would match the price. To my surprise, they did, and sent me a paypal invoice. I didn’t hesitate to grab this deal, seeing as how this model in NEW condition is next to impossible to find.

So, yes, I have 2 of these, 1 is used, and shows signs of usage and is missing it’s crown cover. The other, looks just as in the pictures above. Of all my collection, this one is in the top 5 of favorites, if not number 1. just watching the movement is like watching a thing of fine detailed craftmanship and a joy to watch. Check out these vids:

Updated Feb. 04, 2013

9) Philip Watch “Hippos” (“Seahorse”)

$T2eC16FHJF8E9nnC6MvrBRBpr2TElw~~60_12 $(KGrHqNHJFQFDyuRE1ueBRBpr2(d!w~~60_12


Retail price:  $250

My Cost: $117.50

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Philip Watch is not a well known name for watches in the U.S., never the less, this watch making company has been making fine swiss watches since 1858.

I couldn’t pass this one up even though I usually do not care for the color green on watches. This is a beautiful green dial with matching Leather Band, and the Guillochage is very pleasing to the eye. I once passed up a Blue Martell Chronograph with similar fine detailed Guillochage and to this day regret my decision, as that brand and model are simply nowhere to be found.

Click on the LAST pic to see a larger view of the Guillochage.

Guillochage – Ornamentation such as finely carved intersecting lines on Jewelry and watches, carved by a Guilloche.

Guilloche – A rare artisan of which there are very few today that can perform the art of finely carving detailed hollow lines that intersect on fine jewelry and watch faces.

10) Bulova Space Age Automatic

Retail price:
$90 – $250

My Cost: $146

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: This was one of the first examples of NOS added to my collection. New Old Stock – Stock of Brand New Items that have been socked away unopened for many years. A 70’s model that reminds me of the Refit Enterprises Deflector Dish. Another of my favorites, and it’s a Bulova, what more do you need to say? I have the black version of this also, listed below.

$(KGrHqJHJCoE7zRfR3,mBP!u+q3vvw~~60_57  $(KGrHqJHJ!4E7)unSjIWBP!u+5bdSw~~60_57

11) Bulova Space Age Automatic


Retail price:  $90 – $250

My Cost: $90

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Another elegant version of this watch. NO, I don’t read Chinese or Japanese, the date dial also reads in English but that is not shown here.

12) Android Divemaster Predator Chrono Moon Phase.


Retail price:

My Cost: $99

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: What can I say? I love big chunky watches, especially Android’s. This one is a Chrono, and even has Moon phase. Another watch with an eye pleasing dial.

120196485_android-divemaster-predator-swiss-multi-moonphase- $T2eC16h,!zcE9s4g4vT3BQ9bivr!g!~~60_57

12) Croton Skeleton Automatic


Retail price:  $150

My Cost: $125

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: I’ve always been attracted to Skeleton watches, especially when they’re nicely done with details like this one.


13) Balmer Sphinx


Retail price:  $2695

My Cost: $156

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: This was one of those, it’s Christmas Morning and no one is bidding on this, maybe I can get it for a steal, deals. This is a very nice watch that’s stylish, but not overbearing. (it’s semi chunky) Definitely one of the Jewels in my collection.


14) Invicta 1261 Sea Spider Skeleton Black and Gold


Retail price:  $595

My Cost: $140

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: I used to not like Gold watches, until I saw this one. This Black and Gold Skeleton is beautifully done, and of course, is very chunky. I had to wait a long while to get this one, as the going rate was around $300 when I was looking, and then, one morning at 3 am this auction was ending, and had very few bidders……


i1261b__41286_zoom  invicta-1261-mechanical-banhado-ouro-18k-pronta-entrega_MLB-F-3068594899_082012


Updated Feb. 10, 2013

15) Orient 2eu00002w – Special Multi-Year Calendar

Retail price:  $250

My Cost: $150

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Orient watches are very sought after,
no matter the model, they always sell at a higher price, with lots of bidders. I’ve seen many Orient’s that were attractive, I would have liked to have, but those passed me by, due to how high the auction went. Finally, I came across this one, and even though it went a little higher than I wanted, I went through with it, and can now say, I have an Orient in my collection.

The design of this watch reminds me of a Seiko I have that also has the silver with small gold highlights. I’m always attracted to silver with finally detailed highlights that are gold.








16) Croton Octagon CN307273BSYL

20_20121002083021136 Retail price:  $79

My Cost: $39

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Many Croton’s don’t stand out as unique to me, however I have 3 that aren’t like the rest and 2 of them happen to be black and yellow.






17) Timex Expedition E-Tide Compass T49709


Retail price: 

My Cost: $75

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Like Croton’s, I feel that most Timex’s are just average, everyday looking watches, but there are a few unique models, and I have some of those. This is one of them. Tide, Temp, Compass, Day, Date, indiglo, and good looking too.

It’s hard to see but the band is actually 2 tone, silver and black.






18) Invicta Sea Spider Chrono

114930476_amazoncom-invicta-mens-f0034-sea-spider-ii-collection-Retail price:  $313.99

My Cost: $50

Repairs Needed?: Yes

Details: I thought I’d stumbled into another killer deal via auction, until I opened the package upon arrival to only discover the watch didn’t work. Checking the auction again, I discovered I missed the small print at the bottom that said the watch didn’t work and probably needed a new movement. I have a contact at a watch repair shop in downtown L.A., I called him and was able to obtain a replacement movement for $14.95. So as it ends up, after swapping out the movement, I did end up getting another killer deal!


Repair Cost: $14.95

Total Cost: $64.95



19) Invicta Grand Lupah


Retail price:  $160

My Cost: $60

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Lupah’s are a good example of Guillochage, and there domed crystal tend to act as a magnifier, highlighting the Guillochage. Of all the models out there, the yellow faced ones really show the detail and patterns. Click on the pic to the left to open a larger version in a new window that really shows the detail.

Lupah’s are a lot larger than you’d imagine. See the pic at bottom of both the Men’s and Women’s model for an example.



20) Fossil Big Tic JR8096

Retail price:  $79

My Cost: $50

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: I Have 2 of these, both shown here. I’m not sure if they’re different model numbers, but they are different colors. The first, a bronze color with a Blue laser crystal, and gold animated numbers counting the seconds.


21) Fossil Big Tic JR8096 


Retail price:  $79

My Cost: $32

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Number 2 of this style of Big Tic is actually silver, with a normal clear crystal and silver animated numbers counting the seconds.



Updated Feb. 20, 2013

22) Steinhausen TW491S


Retail price:  $199

My Cost: $109

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: This is the Aerostat Model (Large Pilots Model) rumored to have been renamed “Aztec”
The Chrono’s on this watch are Hour, Day, Month and Year, unlike most chrono’s which don’t include the year.

Totally a SteamPunk watch, this one is up there on the favorites list. Notice the lugs where the band attaches. This lug style is a throw back to the 1920’s when wristwatches had these types of lugs. Many were pocket watches that had lugs added to convert the watch into a wristwatch.




23) Brittania Skeleton


Retail price:  $99

My Cost: $15

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: This 90’s unisex model is an excellent example of a see through automatic skeleton.






24) Adee Kaye Tourbillion Chrono Moonphase


Retail price: 

My Cost: $45

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Adee Kaye AK1035-M
I’ve said before that I don’t really care for white faced watches, but here again is an exception. The Black, Brown, and Champagne versions of this watch in my opinion are just not as good looking as the white, which really highlights this models Guillochage.

616461049_tp ak1035

25) Fossil JR9307 Digital & Analog


Retail price:  $99

My Cost: $15

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: An interesting design that falls into the “Steampunk” category. This one needed a new battery installed, but works great.


26) Orkina Tourbillion


Retail price:  $25

My Cost: $12

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Orkina is one of those “Overseas” inexpensive brands that are surprisingly good quality and also good looking. Orkina also makes many HUGE watches, this is one of them. If you go searching for this model you’ll have trouble finding it now though.

27) Goer Skeleton


Retail price: 

My Cost: $12

Repairs Needed?: No

Details: Goer is another one of those “Overseas” watch makers that are also surprisingly decent looking and good quality. I Have a couple of Goer’s, Skeletons and Tourbillions and the same with the Orkina’s as shown above and all of them look “Dressier” in person than you would believe from the pictures.

28) Relic Exposed Gears ZR77121


Retail price:  $79

My Cost: $0

Repairs Needed?: YES

Details: As soon as I saw this on ebay, I had to have it. it’s so steampunk, yet elegant in it’s own way. Unfortunately I failed to notice that the sellers pic at left showed the watch’s true condition. There’s no stem or crown. On top of that, upon testing I discovered the movement didn’t work at all.
I contacted the seller who indicated she had assumed it was working and didn’t even notice the missing stem and crown. She emailed me saying she was refunding the full amount and shipping. I emailed her back letting her know not to do that, but give me a discount since I could get replacement parts, but she would have none of that and gave me a full refund.

I was able to get a replacement Crown, Stem and Movement for a total of $16.

There is no second hand on this watch, however like A chrono, this has a separate seconds counting part of the movement, in this case instead of the face having the printed chrono circle and a hand, this watch has a gear that moves and counts the seconds. (The bottom gear) which proved to be difficult to get in place as it goes on an incredibly tiny arbor (spindle) above one layer of the face, but below another. This watch face is actually 3 or 4 separate pieces that have to be mounted in a certain (layer) order.




Christmas at Doc’s

For those family members far away, or unable to come by this season, as always, I’ve gone to great lengths to make things as festive as the last time you were here, or as you remember when we were all younger (what was it, back before electricity?) Anyway, Enjoy!

UPDATED!!!!! New pics added! (Scroll to “Newly Added” Section)


Notice the projection clock on the wall behind the tree?

01010171 01010174 01010183 01010184 01010185

Below – Mini Cat is not so Mini anymore


Below – It was fun getting these put in place, stretched my surgery arm to it’s limits, and it was a bit sore afterwards, so with all that effort, had to take a pic just because it’s part of it all.


Christmas Evening Screensaver (3Planesoft) On HDTV Below.

01010208 01010211

Original 1950’s Aluminum Tree, done in Blue (I almost got a color wheel for it this year, just to be Nostalgic and true to that era, although my parents had one, we always put light strands on ours)

01010212 01010213

Above Left – Can’t have Christmas without the Mini Cat baby pic!

Below – Santa Face Stockings just like we had as kids! Fireside Christmas Screensaver (3Planesoft) on this HDTV. You can also see 2 vintage Nightmare Before Christmas Santa’s sandwiched between the 50’s Clocks, and over to the left, the now impossilbe to find iKea LED Novelty lamp, and the Alien Abduction lamp.


What a geek (below) Yes, I have the complete limited edition “Andromeda” action figure set. I’m goofy that way.


The village this year. (I was a little disappointed, I am missing a box that apparently has the Penguin Crossing, all the figurines, and the Swing and Brick Walkways I usually have in this set. I do have a set of “Twinkle Lit” Dark Green Flocked pines on the way for that big empty spot though)

01010217 01010218 01010219 01010220 01010221

Below – Being a drummer I’m fond of these, and before being a drummer, as a kid, my favorite Christmas story and song was “The Little Drummer Boy”. These drum ornaments belonged to my Mother, and I’ve always loved them. One year, back in the day, (when I had more hair than brains – [it was far below my shoulders]) I actually adapted one of these into an earring and wore it on Christmas day.


Below – The Plush Versions of the Nightmare before Christmas Santa (Sandy Claws), along with one of the other super fluffly plush Santa’s, and the “People I respected and Miss dearly” Mini Shrine. This table contains Items that belonged to or were made by My Mother, Step Father, and Step Mother.


This is another Original 50’s Piece. This is a Miniature version of the Santa Plush I had as a kid. Interestingly, we moved into a new house back in the 60’s on Blackbird Street. The house was of course empty, however the Hall closet top shelf had a Smoky the bear and Santa plush. (2 of my favorites) The previous owners had moved out of state or something like that and weren’t able to be reached, so I inherited them. Coming across this mini version was a real find as I was always fond of that plush as a kid, and especially at Christmas.


Below – Mini has never seemed to care for The Grinch. I catch him every year messing with this plush. I didn’t catch it until after these pics were taken, but I had previously scatted him off the back of the couch in the vicinity of The Grinch. Now I can see he had Batted the Grinch over! (he’s upside down hanging off the edge by the silver lamp post)

01010236 01010237  01010239

Some of the next pics are left blurry on purpose. (read below)


Below – This years “Moon” over the village is just a light fixture. I usually use some sort of lighting to cast a blue glow over the village, which looked very nice with last years addition of the lighted “Moon”, which apparently is somewhere in the missing box. Each of the village houses below were put together, painted, coated, sculpted, lighted, and shadow boxed (wherever any of these applys) by hand. One being built about once a year or so. Didn’t make one this year, but have struck a deal with an ebayer to purchase 2 more sets, each with 2 houses to be built. (see my previous post that goes over the history of the village –

01010243 01010244 01010245 01010246

I was talking with my sister today about this pic below. I remember living on Townsend St. in an apartment, it was christmas, and Mom and Dad had the aluminum tree up, with all it’s multi colored lighting. I used to think it was so Beautiful. I remember back then (I was about 5 yrs old) talking with this same sister in front of the tree and finding out we both liked to do the same thing, stare at the tree, then de-focus our eyes so all the colors shimmered and fused together. These pics remind me of that.

01010247 01010248

Below – one of this years happy discoveries. I’m a clock freak, and also love any type of projections. Discovered the company Jasco makes a product called “Projectibles” that come in many scenes. I picked up the snow man and Santa and Reindeer and put together a little Dual display of them in the living room. (I happened across the snowman one at Home Depot. but the other Halloween and Christmas ones are already pretty hard to find.)

01010249 01010251

Below, one of my favorites. Given to me by my sister Pam. A Giant Stocking. I had told her I was asked to bring in a stocking for work one year, everyone was and they were to have gifts put in them. She gave me this one and I took it to work and hung it up. It always got a good laugh out of everyone, it’s almost 5 feet long.


************************NEWLY ADDED!!*********************************


Above – Nightmare Before Christmas Collectors Train set runs at the base of the tree. Highlighted here, a gift from my sister Pam, some years ago. Both her and I are big fans of “The Polar Express” and before Christmas that year we had talked about it, and she asked, well don’t you remember how he lost his bell? I shook my head, No I didn’t remember that, but it was over a year ago, and I’ve literally seen hundreds of shows and movies since. That Christmas I had a gift under the tree marked only to Me from Santa. When I opened it there was a note in the top that read:

“I found this on the seat of my Sleigh. You better fix that hole in your pocket! Merry Christmas! — Mr. C”

Below the note, lying on a soft bed of tissue was a sleigh bell tied through with a small soft loop of rope. Just like in the movie! I loved it. These types of things that tie back to a previous discussion, about something appreciated, become reminders themselves that last for all the coming future. I put this under the tree with the note displayed every year! Of course, not to be outdone, or let it be thought I could forget or let Pam forget, this was reciprocated the following year when I hand made a life size full color ticket for 1 to ride The Polar Express that was an exact replica of those in the movie, that arrived via postal mail in a special handcrafted full color picture envelope stating “To Pam, From Santa – North Pole”

Polar Express Ticket polar-express-ticket

I worked many days on it, but now I understand the Polar Express tickets are now professionally made and can be bought!

Below – Snap shots of gifts that arrived via mail, and placed under the tree. NOT TO BE OPENED UNTIL CHRISTMAS! (though there was some anticipation of wanting to open it, and for it to be opened early on both sides!) National Geographic Custom gift wrapping, turns out to be a pretty nice box with boxed and sealed items wrapped in tissue paper inside! 2 of them arrived this way, and on Christmas day, I was very pleased to find a couple of gifts inside that were right up my alley!

01010268    01010274

One was something I’ve always thought cool and wanted to get. (another of my odd likes, sort of fitting in with clocks, watches, steampunk and gadgets) Globes. Not the bright everyday blue ones (those are OK) but the Nice antique ones, or ones of other planets, or especially the jeweled ones! This one, a levitating globe! (shown here in the pic below to the left of my keyboard and next to my Jeweled Globe.)


and what was it in the 2nd? A Station Masters Watch and Case! Talk about steampunk! Stock Pic and Description form their site directly below, then followed by my own pics of mine!


Railroads have had strict standards for timepieces since the mid-1800s. This replica brass station master’s watch reproduces one from 1908 and features “approved for railroad service” features such as an open-faced dial with the stem at 12 o’clock. Made for display in this glass-domed case, as it would have been kept in a station master’s office.

Below – It’s new place to reside, becoming number 276 of the collection (collection displays partially seen behind. Another post about the watch collection, with each watch highlighted once every week or so will be posted here soon)




Somehow these pics of the Christmas bedroom set got left out (below)


For those of you who have heard me talk about it, but never seen, (and for those who haven’t – My step father Jack was a painter, and a wood carver, and while not a stellar painter [but he was a pretty stellar wood carver], he did good enough in painting to get the point across and it would look pretty good too! A heck of a lot better than I could do. Jack’s paintings became coveted by family members. Jack passed away in the year 2000, and in 2001 as I was helping my mother clean out his workshop, behind his work bench we came across a stack of canvasses, master drafts for paintings not done, and a completed oil painting of the famous Gorilla and Baby Gorilla picture from magazine covers. Since I was the only one who had yet to receive one of Jack’s paintings, my mother said I should take it, but not to tell anyone else I had it, because no one knew it existed, and everyone would want it! LOL. I had it framed and you can see it here) Unfortunately the clock is reflecting on it.


and lastly, someting sent to me by Pam, that simply applies here. I would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and basically a happy everything (insert favorite Holiday name here) and if you happen to be one of those scrooges that are out there, I’d like you to picture me holding my thumb and forefinger an inch or so apart, and moving in a slight pinching motion, then read this:


UPDATE: Timebeam Projection Clock Low Wattage (Pwr Saver) Bright Replacement Bulbs.

Surgery Was Successful!

The original Bulb I purchased and listed is no longer available, so I’m updating with new links for replacement bulbs that are higher quality, lower wattage and way more inexpensive than timebeam offers!

New Links:

6000 K Daylight – $10.99

 4000 K Cool – $10-99

Original 2900 K Warm (no longer available was $12.99)


Copy from Previous Post Below:

Original Manufacturer cost for replacement bulb (2 pack, no 1 pack offered)- $48 not including shipping. :(

Super Bright LED ordered from Amazon – $12.99 with free shipping. :) (See below for ordering info on these bulbs)

For those of you who have one of the pre Micro LED projector clocks from Timebeam, that think bulb replacement is a crock due to how fast they fail, how hot they get, and how much Timebeam charges for them, look no further, this Super bright, low wattage, LOW HEAT MR16 style bulb will work perfect in your Projector clock: (no longer available, see links listed at beginning of this post [above]

Projection Clock is out of recovery

Surgery Was Successful!

I posted previously about the 2 projection clocks, and my dealings with the manufacturer which was less than satisfactory (see previous post). As you know, I’m a tinkerer. Surgery on the non Melted Projection Clock was successful!. I was able to successfully salvage 1 projection clock, out of the 2 by exchanging parts between the 2. The only thing missing was a bulb. That came today. LED MR16 Spotlight 12V 3.8W (300 Lumen - 35 Watt Equivalent) Halogen Replacement BulbIt was almost as easy as popping a new bulb in, but not quite. The new bulb is slightly taller than the ones that come with the projection clock (seen at left). When I put on my magnifying visor and looked closer, I could see it was because there are tabs that sit about an 1/8 inch above the base where the bulb frame would rest. These are to hold down the original bulb which slides into them. I removed the tabs, and the new bulb went right in. Power on, and a few focus adjustments and abracadabra, a bright, crystal clear clock on the wall, and best of all, it’s been on for an hour, and no heat whatsoever, it’s not even warm!


Original Manufacturer cost for replacement bulb (2 pack, no 1 pack offered)- $48 not including shipping. 😦

Super Bright LED ordered from Amazon – $12.99 with free shipping. 🙂 (See below for ordering info on these bulbs)

For those of you who have one of the pre Micro LED projector clocks from Timebeam, that think bulb replacement is a crock due to how fast they fail, how hot they get, and how much Timebeam charges for them, look no further, this Super bright, low wattage, LOW HEAT MR16 style bulb will work perfect in your Projector clock:  (No Longer Available)

UPDATE: If you’ve come across this post after Mid 2012, I’ve reposted with new links to even cheaper and brighter replacement bulbs since these are no longer available. see that post here:

Sorry, iPhones aren’t the greates at low light pics, and Pics with Flash, well, since this is a clock based on light, that won’t really work. Even so, the pic above and these below get the point across. (and even though I had to deal with a “cult of personality” representing the company, and now that the overheat issue has been conquered, Putting those issues aside, I really do like this clock. The Plastic casing can now be somewhat overlooked as it will no longer be a heat or fire issue with a low watt/low heat bulb. I still think the $120 + price is completely ridiculous though. I’d say $59 is about the top price this item should be getting on the market, and that’s with the low heat, low wattage super bright LED [and full warranty disclosure, a better manual, and plenty of company logos, trademarks, stamps, and contact info included].)


Projection clock

Projection Clock again

Time Pieces, A Passion

I’ve made bones about it all my life, I’m a HOR, as in Horology. I love time Pieces. I suppose it’s something to do with the fine craftsmanship that’s evident with each tick of a grandfather, or Cuckoo clock pendulum, or the finely spinning wheels and gears within the smallest watches.

I love ingenuity, craftsmanship, and brilliance. Not so much flashy, as Unique. Check out some of these real watches, and some concepts. (some were concepts that are now real and available.) some of these, are too bizarre, too flashy, too over the top.

But some are pretty geekily cool. Like this one (If I remember correctly, this baby is real, and was manufactured in a limited number of only 10 – selling for something like $380,000 ea.):

More like this at these sites, check it out:

Tokyo Flash – (A concept site where individuals submit their ideas, those involved with the site itself in many cases have caused many concepts to become a reality.)

Personally, I think the first 2 pages are a bit too techy or geeky and over the top, but some good stuff can be found beginning with page 3 and the Chesire Cat watch

And “Lumin” is kind of cool too, and on pg 6 “Car”, “Stargate” & “Iris” watches, & Pages 8, 9 & 10 have some cool stuff too like the pic posted below)

Only a few pages on this site

Pichaus – A blog for pictures of all kinds, this particular thread is dedicated to geeky tech watches:

Some of these are kinda cool too

Here’s an example: