Kindle Screenshots

Have a Kindle Fire HD 7”, or 8.9” and wondered if you can take screenshots? You can, it’s super simple, and kinda cool, check it out:


Sliced, not Diced

Apr. 24, 2012 – Motorcycle crash on 405 that threw me from the bike at around 60 MPH, breaking thumb, ripping shoulder out of socket, causing internal bleeding, and hip and knee issues.

JULY 13, 2012 – Rotator cuff and muscle repair surgery, that involved less than expected.

Doc had said there might be pieces of shattered bone floating around to be removed. He also said the bones appeared to be out of place and growing back wrong. After removing the pieces, he might have to re-break the bone and move it into correct position. Then re-attach muscle.

There were no stray fragments. The bone was not in the wrong place. The only thing askew was the fact that he thought the muscle was halfway attached. It wasn’t attached at all. After a week of sleepless nights, I appeared in the surgery center, not so bright eyed and bushy tailed……”I know you said to get a good nights sleep, but I didn’t sleep a wink”…..

Doc’s reply: “That’s ok, you’re gonna sleep now!”

It went without a hitch, smoothly and easily. Doc showed me before and after pics. The bone, with no muscle attached, then with it attached, and sent me home. Where I did sleep.

And thank the Gods for a great lady who is helping me at home until I’m able to get back on my feet more, Gabriella! she’s absolutely the best!

So it’s over, it’s done. No breaking of bone, no dicing to remove fragments, only the initial slice! Of course, the pain is pretty hefty. Requiring double the pain meds I was taking before.

But on the road to recovery I am!



Milky Way Timelapse (Surreal Time Lapse HD Footage By Dakotalapse)

Awesome HD time lapse footage of our skies. Almost seems unreal these are so clear and surreal. (one scene you can see a huge meteor flash by on the left, many smaller ones appear through all the footage – recommend viewing full screen, click 4 arrows at bottom right of each vid, between HD & Vimeo)

Also if you’re interested, at bottom links to download full screen wallpapers from the vids.

Check it out: