Modded Master Bath

I mentioned this in a previous post, here’s the pics.

Just need some wallpaper that looks like the inside of a space port, and some floor tiles that look like grating LOL.



Windows on the world

Check out the cool artwork I found (below)

There’s more from a new sci fi artwork site –

Coolvibe is a digital art magazine

showcasing science fiction, fantasy,

illustrations, matte paintings,

vector art, 3D renders and much more.

If you know of any good artwork, or wallpaper sites, let me know.

I’m thinking of having kinkos print these poster size for me, I really like them (You’ll notice the “Seeing earth from a ships window” theme, it’s a theme I really like, wish I could find more like this:

[Goodbye Earth]

[The Observation Deck]

[The Journey Begins]

Here’s two I made by melding some of the ones I found together then performing some photoshopping:

(the original didn’t have stars)


I did it. I had these enlarged into posters and had each of them Framed. Why? Let’s just say that my bathroom deco wasn’t as manly as I recently came to realize it should be. The entire bathroom was done in designs inspired, or left over from my X.

The soft blue’s and flowery items I never paid attention to, recently began glaring me in the face. Screaming “Change me!”

This bath is now done up in a Sci-Fi motif. LED Rainfall showerhead, Dim LED Lighting, The Framed Pics that give the look and feel of being in space, and everything previously eggshell, or Navajo (except the walls) such as switches, receptacles etc. are now Black.

The Soft Blue Shower Curtain, also now replaced with Black, and also now on a “Hotel Style” Rod Set, allowing more room and less curtain flow inside. All I need now is the space mountain walls and flooring.