Christmas Radio Gadget Redo

cradio2I’ve always been one of those geeks that decks out windows for Christmas. While Microsoft has discontinued the use and support for Windows desktop gadgets due to “Security Issues”, I still can’t get past having a few Christmas Gadgets loaded around Christmas time.


(you can still use gadgets with windows 8, 8.1 & 10 by installing 8 Gadget Pack:, or Gadgets Revived: Download Christmas Radio Gadget Below. (Scroll Down)

One of my all time favorites was one called Christmas Radio, by However, over the years, the radio stations stopped working one by one, until finally, none worked at all. It also appears the website is long gone. I used the way back machine to see when the last sighting of that site was, and it seems to be Jan, 4 of 2012, then after that, the site was up for grabs.

Each year, I would look online for Christmas radio gadgets, and find none, and then I’d try searching for the same radio gadget and not be able to find it. For a few years, I used grooveshark or Pandora, and last year Spotify, but these are semi irritating to say the least.

This year I was going through old backups and I came across that Christmas Radio .gadget file, and a thought crossed my mind. “I usually enjoy the challenge of taking things apart, reverse engineering them, and figuring out how they work, or changing them to make them facilitate my own needs. I wonder if I might be able to apply that skill here?” Then I asked, what is a .gadget file anyway? In short, I discovered, it’s simply a renamed .zip file. Wait, WHAT!!!???

Sure enough, I was able to open this old gadget file with 7 zip and begin to manipulate the files within. I soon located the file that contained the radio stations list, found my own online stations that worked, and began replacing the old defunct ones with my new list. I’m proud to say, the good old standard Christmas Radio gadget is now working again and fully functional. I’ve included it here for your download pleasure, ENJOY!

(oh, and if you’re the author, great work! and if you want credit, please tell me who you are, or if you have any objections, please let me know.)


Download Dirhyllykt Doc’s Christmas Radio Gadget Redo!

Also Download My Older Christmas Cursor Sets here:

Download Dirhyllykt Doc’s Original 1995-97 Cursor Set By Clicking here!

Download Dirhyllyt Doc’s 2012 Christmas Cursor Set By Clicking here!


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Christmas at Doc’s

For those family members far away, or unable to come by this season, as always, I’ve gone to great lengths to make things as festive as the last time you were here, or as you remember when we were all younger (what was it, back before electricity?) Anyway, Enjoy!

UPDATED!!!!! New pics added! (Scroll to “Newly Added” Section)


Notice the projection clock on the wall behind the tree?

01010171 01010174 01010183 01010184 01010185

Below – Mini Cat is not so Mini anymore


Below – It was fun getting these put in place, stretched my surgery arm to it’s limits, and it was a bit sore afterwards, so with all that effort, had to take a pic just because it’s part of it all.


Christmas Evening Screensaver (3Planesoft) On HDTV Below.

01010208 01010211

Original 1950’s Aluminum Tree, done in Blue (I almost got a color wheel for it this year, just to be Nostalgic and true to that era, although my parents had one, we always put light strands on ours)

01010212 01010213

Above Left – Can’t have Christmas without the Mini Cat baby pic!

Below – Santa Face Stockings just like we had as kids! Fireside Christmas Screensaver (3Planesoft) on this HDTV. You can also see 2 vintage Nightmare Before Christmas Santa’s sandwiched between the 50’s Clocks, and over to the left, the now impossilbe to find iKea LED Novelty lamp, and the Alien Abduction lamp.


What a geek (below) Yes, I have the complete limited edition “Andromeda” action figure set. I’m goofy that way.


The village this year. (I was a little disappointed, I am missing a box that apparently has the Penguin Crossing, all the figurines, and the Swing and Brick Walkways I usually have in this set. I do have a set of “Twinkle Lit” Dark Green Flocked pines on the way for that big empty spot though)

01010217 01010218 01010219 01010220 01010221

Below – Being a drummer I’m fond of these, and before being a drummer, as a kid, my favorite Christmas story and song was “The Little Drummer Boy”. These drum ornaments belonged to my Mother, and I’ve always loved them. One year, back in the day, (when I had more hair than brains – [it was far below my shoulders]) I actually adapted one of these into an earring and wore it on Christmas day.


Below – The Plush Versions of the Nightmare before Christmas Santa (Sandy Claws), along with one of the other super fluffly plush Santa’s, and the “People I respected and Miss dearly” Mini Shrine. This table contains Items that belonged to or were made by My Mother, Step Father, and Step Mother.


This is another Original 50’s Piece. This is a Miniature version of the Santa Plush I had as a kid. Interestingly, we moved into a new house back in the 60’s on Blackbird Street. The house was of course empty, however the Hall closet top shelf had a Smoky the bear and Santa plush. (2 of my favorites) The previous owners had moved out of state or something like that and weren’t able to be reached, so I inherited them. Coming across this mini version was a real find as I was always fond of that plush as a kid, and especially at Christmas.


Below – Mini has never seemed to care for The Grinch. I catch him every year messing with this plush. I didn’t catch it until after these pics were taken, but I had previously scatted him off the back of the couch in the vicinity of The Grinch. Now I can see he had Batted the Grinch over! (he’s upside down hanging off the edge by the silver lamp post)

01010236 01010237  01010239

Some of the next pics are left blurry on purpose. (read below)


Below – This years “Moon” over the village is just a light fixture. I usually use some sort of lighting to cast a blue glow over the village, which looked very nice with last years addition of the lighted “Moon”, which apparently is somewhere in the missing box. Each of the village houses below were put together, painted, coated, sculpted, lighted, and shadow boxed (wherever any of these applys) by hand. One being built about once a year or so. Didn’t make one this year, but have struck a deal with an ebayer to purchase 2 more sets, each with 2 houses to be built. (see my previous post that goes over the history of the village –

01010243 01010244 01010245 01010246

I was talking with my sister today about this pic below. I remember living on Townsend St. in an apartment, it was christmas, and Mom and Dad had the aluminum tree up, with all it’s multi colored lighting. I used to think it was so Beautiful. I remember back then (I was about 5 yrs old) talking with this same sister in front of the tree and finding out we both liked to do the same thing, stare at the tree, then de-focus our eyes so all the colors shimmered and fused together. These pics remind me of that.

01010247 01010248

Below – one of this years happy discoveries. I’m a clock freak, and also love any type of projections. Discovered the company Jasco makes a product called “Projectibles” that come in many scenes. I picked up the snow man and Santa and Reindeer and put together a little Dual display of them in the living room. (I happened across the snowman one at Home Depot. but the other Halloween and Christmas ones are already pretty hard to find.)

01010249 01010251

Below, one of my favorites. Given to me by my sister Pam. A Giant Stocking. I had told her I was asked to bring in a stocking for work one year, everyone was and they were to have gifts put in them. She gave me this one and I took it to work and hung it up. It always got a good laugh out of everyone, it’s almost 5 feet long.


************************NEWLY ADDED!!*********************************


Above – Nightmare Before Christmas Collectors Train set runs at the base of the tree. Highlighted here, a gift from my sister Pam, some years ago. Both her and I are big fans of “The Polar Express” and before Christmas that year we had talked about it, and she asked, well don’t you remember how he lost his bell? I shook my head, No I didn’t remember that, but it was over a year ago, and I’ve literally seen hundreds of shows and movies since. That Christmas I had a gift under the tree marked only to Me from Santa. When I opened it there was a note in the top that read:

“I found this on the seat of my Sleigh. You better fix that hole in your pocket! Merry Christmas! — Mr. C”

Below the note, lying on a soft bed of tissue was a sleigh bell tied through with a small soft loop of rope. Just like in the movie! I loved it. These types of things that tie back to a previous discussion, about something appreciated, become reminders themselves that last for all the coming future. I put this under the tree with the note displayed every year! Of course, not to be outdone, or let it be thought I could forget or let Pam forget, this was reciprocated the following year when I hand made a life size full color ticket for 1 to ride The Polar Express that was an exact replica of those in the movie, that arrived via postal mail in a special handcrafted full color picture envelope stating “To Pam, From Santa – North Pole”

Polar Express Ticket polar-express-ticket

I worked many days on it, but now I understand the Polar Express tickets are now professionally made and can be bought!

Below – Snap shots of gifts that arrived via mail, and placed under the tree. NOT TO BE OPENED UNTIL CHRISTMAS! (though there was some anticipation of wanting to open it, and for it to be opened early on both sides!) National Geographic Custom gift wrapping, turns out to be a pretty nice box with boxed and sealed items wrapped in tissue paper inside! 2 of them arrived this way, and on Christmas day, I was very pleased to find a couple of gifts inside that were right up my alley!

01010268    01010274

One was something I’ve always thought cool and wanted to get. (another of my odd likes, sort of fitting in with clocks, watches, steampunk and gadgets) Globes. Not the bright everyday blue ones (those are OK) but the Nice antique ones, or ones of other planets, or especially the jeweled ones! This one, a levitating globe! (shown here in the pic below to the left of my keyboard and next to my Jeweled Globe.)


and what was it in the 2nd? A Station Masters Watch and Case! Talk about steampunk! Stock Pic and Description form their site directly below, then followed by my own pics of mine!


Railroads have had strict standards for timepieces since the mid-1800s. This replica brass station master’s watch reproduces one from 1908 and features “approved for railroad service” features such as an open-faced dial with the stem at 12 o’clock. Made for display in this glass-domed case, as it would have been kept in a station master’s office.

Below – It’s new place to reside, becoming number 276 of the collection (collection displays partially seen behind. Another post about the watch collection, with each watch highlighted once every week or so will be posted here soon)




Somehow these pics of the Christmas bedroom set got left out (below)


For those of you who have heard me talk about it, but never seen, (and for those who haven’t – My step father Jack was a painter, and a wood carver, and while not a stellar painter [but he was a pretty stellar wood carver], he did good enough in painting to get the point across and it would look pretty good too! A heck of a lot better than I could do. Jack’s paintings became coveted by family members. Jack passed away in the year 2000, and in 2001 as I was helping my mother clean out his workshop, behind his work bench we came across a stack of canvasses, master drafts for paintings not done, and a completed oil painting of the famous Gorilla and Baby Gorilla picture from magazine covers. Since I was the only one who had yet to receive one of Jack’s paintings, my mother said I should take it, but not to tell anyone else I had it, because no one knew it existed, and everyone would want it! LOL. I had it framed and you can see it here) Unfortunately the clock is reflecting on it.


and lastly, someting sent to me by Pam, that simply applies here. I would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and basically a happy everything (insert favorite Holiday name here) and if you happen to be one of those scrooges that are out there, I’d like you to picture me holding my thumb and forefinger an inch or so apart, and moving in a slight pinching motion, then read this:


Doc’s Christmas Village 2011 (New “Fiber Optic/Shadow Box” Addition This Year)

Santa or the Grinch?

Fiber Optic, Shadow Box, Village House 2011

Beginning back in 2002, I built the very first Village house for the christmas village, “The Victorian”, & it’s compamion “Carriage House”. Then in 2006, I swept away the cobwebs, and began building a village house about once a year (excluding last year) from a kit that was given to me many years ago by family who believed that it was a dollhouse kit I could build for my daugher.                                                                                                                                                  As it turned out, it was the “Greenleaf Village” kit, GreenLeaf Village KitManufacturers Example                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        which is well known for being used as a Christmas Village kit.

Being that it wasn’t a dollhouse kit, it got shelved for about 20 years, then I came across it again while cleaning out a closet back in 2006.

This year, I built the last of the houses from the kit. Called “The Store”The Store, however, the way I built it, doesn’t make it seem much like a store at all.

This house is different from all the rest in that it’s customized in many different ways the others weren’t. (With the slight exception of the school house, which was customized with an outside brick finish)

Doc's "Store

Here’s a short list of how this one was customized, followed by some pics of it, along with pics of the village from previous years.

                                                                                                                                                                (This house features fiber optics and someone’s shadow in the window)

1) Custom mix paints

    a) Outside Walls – Green, Yellow and Gold mix, Giving the walls a slightly metallic, but earth tone that  matches the front stonework.

    b) Outside Trim – Cape Cod Blue, Green, and Silver mixture. This compliments the metallic earth tone, yet also stands out with a bit of a christmas look.

2) Front stonework. – Similar to the schoolhouse brick work.and made from similar material. I have no idea where I got the brick material or the stone work, but the few pieces I came across worked perfectly for this project.

3) Front Bay Windows – Color and Texture.- Instead of using the kit windows, I used Red, and Frost colored plastic sand paper. YES SANDPAPER. Looks pretty cool though.

4) Santa’s (or is it the Grinch?) Shadow – While working with the Red sand paper to attach to the windows, I noticed a shadow being cast in a pattern from the heat vent on the lamp’s shade I was using that was pretty cool looking. Pattern From Heat Vent On LightI decided to mimick that pattern on the front windows. When I got the first one done, it didn’t seem as cool in the house as it did when holding the window up to the light, but I had a flash of idea, what would look cooler? someone’s silhouette, shadowed on the Red window, like Santa! This was tricky. I took a spare piece of the leftover stonework, and sketched on the back of it with the blade of an exacto knife, in the shape of someone in a santa hat, with wide cuffs and a hand raised?, then cut the figure out and glued it to the window frame. I then mounted a light in the correct position to cast the shadow perfectly across the front Red window.

5) Fiber Optic Inlaid Roof – This one was difficult. I reviewed it over and over, and just couldn’t see how I could make it work. All I had was a fiber optic Night Light to work with. The Bundle of fiber was thick and unwieldy. Taking a plunge I cut holes in the finished roof, then split the fiber bundle into 2 bundles. Running the bundles through the holes in the roof I cut, I then stapled the fibers along the outside edges of the entire roof on both the front and back roof surfaces. Elmers glue came next, smothering the entire roof with it, I then cut 2 more equal size roof pieces from a comic book back board, and pressed each over the smothered in glue fiber. Each of these had to be weighted (10 lbs) to compress the fibers into a thin layer between the roof pieces. After it was finally dry, I trimmed the excess fiber from the roof edges. The next difficulty was routing the bundles through the house and out the back. I ended up having to widen one of the back windows to accomplish this. I’m pretty happy with how it came out though.

Here’s the pics:

iPhone Shots w/ Flash:

Doc's "Store

Store Side

Front Stonework

Front other side flash

Front Close



iPhone shots w/o Flash:

Santa or the Grinch?

Front Lit

Front Side Green Fiber Optic

Front other side lit

  Front from afar

Front Top Lit 

2011 - The Store - Blue Light

2011 - The Store - Blue Light - Left2011 - The Store - Front - Blue Light   2011 - Store - Ground Level

2011 – Entire Village

2011 - The School House

2011 - The Schoolhouse & Moon2011 - The Schoolhouse & Village In Light of Full Moon2011 - The Schoolhouse & Moon - Flash2011 - The Schoolhouse Close Up w/ Moon2011 - The Schoolhouse Close Up w/ Moon - Flash2011 - Village Left - Blue Light2011 - Village Overview



Newly Finished Victorian & Carriage House (2002)

Newly Completed, no lights or snow yet

 The roof looked nice and neat back then

 Snow Added:


 Atop my CRT ShelfThe beginning of the Village!

 …and Lights!


Lights in the Carriage House!

I still have this lighted tree too!


Came out nice!

2006 – 2007

2006 - 2007 Penguin Crossing

2006 - 2007 Church2006 - 2007 Skating Pond2006 - 2007 Left View2006 - 2007 Penguin Crossing Up Close2006 - 2007 Church Ground View2006 - 2007 Lighted Tree2006 - 2007 Skating Pond Up Close2006 - 2007 Skating Pond Overhead View2006 - 2007 Lighted Tree Overhead View2006 - 2007 Left No Light2006 - 2007 Right No Light2006 - 2007 Left No Light2006 - 2007 Colonial House No Light2006 - 2007 Colonial House No Light Close up2006 - 2007 Colonial House Close Up w/ Flash2006 - 2007 Colonial House  Overview w/ Flash 2006 - 2007 Colonial House w/ Flash  2006 - 2007 In Blue Light  2006 - 2007 Lighted Village

2006 - 2007 Skating Pond In Blue Light  2006 - 2007 Lighted Village Overview

2008 – 2009

2008 - 2009 The Schoolhouse2008 - 2009 The Schoolhouse Overview2008 - 2009 The Schoolhouse Overview w/ Flash2008 - 2009 Village Panorama

Christmas Village addition

I said I wasn’t going to do it, but during my weekend recovery (recovering from the hospital trip caused by Fish Taco’s that were cleverly disguised as Chicken)

I figured what the heck (why not do something to take my mind off feeling like I was drug through the gutter?)

Here’s the new addition to the Christmas village – The school house.

This one is done differently, I used a brick material on the outside:

Whole Village Now:

Christmas at Doc’s

From The Email Archives 2009 – 2010 (For My Family, Who Are Unable To Get Out & See The Spirit Of The Season)

Thought you might like to see a few pics of this year’s tree and decos (compared to last year’s). Pay no attention to the cat that mysteriously shows up randomly in the pics. He does this, this is his thing, he either sneaks into pictures someone is taking, or steals the camera, takes pics of himself and uploads them to his agent while I’m gone to work. We won’t even get into boxes of cat toys that mysteriously showed up on the doorstep from UPS, apparently ordered from the internet using my credit card……

Last Year’s Tree (and I still have the projector clock, but it wasn’t turned on when I took this year’s pics):

This year’s tree (with running Nightmare Before Christmas HO Scale Train at base)

….and now the star of our show…. (looks who’s mug showed up in this pic [bottom] I didn’t even realize he was there when I took it)

And the pic that started it all a year or so ago – Mini Cat!

I found this pic when I went to use my camera one time, this is a pic I didn’t take, it’s obvious he jacked my camera and took this pic himself.

(see, you can see how his little arm is holding the camera) I later found out he had been selling these Christmas frames with his pic as a promo online

The Christmas village. Every year I usually build one of these wooden village houses, but this year I didn’t have time. The Church, 2 story house with Garage, and the cottage with the swiss exterior wood working I built, painted and dressed up with “glass bead” like is used in highway paint for reflection, along with glitter to mimic snow on the roofs, I also install special lighting in the room to give it the snowy blue night time look.

(The houses I built are on either end of the table, the other two center houses are “filler” made from ceramic, bought at Walgreens until I can finish the entire village. Eventually it will all be mounted into it’s own table, with hills and such having a more natural look, like the nightmare before Christmas village I built 2 yrs ago (see bottom for a few pics of it)

Last year’s Penguin Crossing

This year’s Penguin Crossing (I can’t for the life of me figure out where the 2nd set of penguins got to)

You probably can’t see him too clearly, but look at this pic of the penguin crossing (in the background behind the church steeple), he’s just got to get his mug in there.

Nightmare before Christmas village I built a few years ago:

Merry Christmas Everyone!