Carry On Wayward Son Cover (See, marching & concert band do pay off)

Awesome arrangement of Kansas’ – Carry on Wayward Son. LoNotice the guitar solo is also done on a specially equipped Trombone. Brought to you by my long time buddy, thanks for bringing this to my attention, good stuff!


Recovery Progress – Physical Therapy now a “GO”

It’s been awhile again since I’ve posted. Been “Recovering”.

Dirhyllykt’s Dictionary Definition of ‘Recovering’ – To sit with nothing to do, until the involuntary process of tear duct purging occurs.

I’ve done well at keeping busy, catching up on shows, movies, documentaries, and chatting with old friends not seen in many years, as well as anything you can think of that can be done as an “Arm Chair Captain”

But that all changed Yesterday. I began Physical Therapy, and it was a welcome change. FInally, I can start getting whipped back into shape. Only prob is, Doc says it’ll be at least 4 months before partial use of the arm and shoulder will return, and 1 year before it’s back to normal. The right arm has also suffered and is limited in motion, and I’m duplicatiing all the exercises done for the left, for the right (since for some bizarre reason no one seems to want to address it’s stiffness and lack of mobility in the medical field except me.) I’ve also been working on hips and knees. It feels great to be exercising again!

Still can’t sleep in a bed though, it becomes seriously painful after about 10 or 15 minutes, no matter how many position shifts are done. Still sleeping in a recliner until I can bear normal sleep again.


The Dirhyllykt Drum Kit (But definitely not Derelict)

So I pulled out the ‘ol Casio camera, and headed to the lockout. 

Minor Drum Repairs & Adjustments     I had some adjustments and repairs to do on the kit. I made my repairs, made my adjustments, and began taking pics. I took about 7 when the camera said “Out of storage, you must replace the storage card with an empty card if you want to take more pictures” You’re kiddin’ me…WTH? Then I looked at the card. Some nimrod, (me), Grabbed the wrong CF card. 8 MB, no wonder. DOH!

Sigh, oh well.

As I sat reviewing the pics in the LCD camera window I heard a “Pop”. What the heck was that?

Later, while I was playing I looked over at the piccolo snare right as I was about to play on it, and saw the head had no tension. WTH? Then I saw it, one of the lugs was snapped, Imported PEEZACRAP! I hadn’t adjusted anything on it either, I guess the change in temp when I opened the door is what did it. That’s the second one that’s popped on that snare. This means I’ll be replacing all of the lugs on that snare real soon with some heavy duty ones.

The feel of the kit now is better than it’s every been. Everything is exactly where it feels it would naturally be. I’m very happy with the entire kit now. Just a few more repairs and it’ll be primo. Here’s the pics:

Kit Front Floor Level     

Behind The Kit

Yes! My estimation of each piece’s proximity to the others in the DF Kit Constructor Overview I recently created came pretty close (considering I did it from memory since I didn’t have these pics at that time, Both the real overview and the DF one below)

Kit Overview

Kit Overview DFKC

Overview Made With DF Kit Constructor

Overviews of the Kit now, & goal for future

Here’s the latest updated overview setup pics of how My Ludwig Monster Kit is currently setup, [with some position corrections made] and where I want to go with it in the near future:

(Pics of kit to come later when some replacement parts arrive)

(I should have known, version 2 is out already, but this is 1.0, version 1.0 Just say no! the damned thing refuses to open files it previously saved. Luckily this one was already saved.

(In this pic, Items Y, CC, and DD do not exist yet. These are on the list of “will get soon”, items X and BB I already have but need to acquire mounts/stands for.)

Drum Kit Constructor

I just discovered something very cool. Apparently this tool has been out for some time, I just wasn’t aware of it.

For a long time I wanted an overview graphic of my kit, showing all the hardware, each item’s size, make and model. Like the pro’s all have when you go to a website and there is an article about a drummer.

They always show a “Top Down” view of his kit, with labels for each item. Some years ago, I made my own, by hand using paint shop pro:

I worked on it for hours every night for a week or so. The kit has changed since then, and while I really like the blue theme, and how the cymbals looked, I really want a way to do an overview quickly.

I read an article, where drummers were talking about this app, and displaying pics they’d made of their kits using it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere for download. I finally found it. And in about an hour I made

An overview pic of my kit that’s fully labeled – check it out:

This is totally cool. For years there’s been software to practice configuring routers, to build blue prints for home improvements, and now, finally, an entire complete software package to easily do your kit’s layout.