Christmas Radio Gadget Redo

cradio2I’ve always been one of those geeks that decks out windows for Christmas. While Microsoft has discontinued the use and support for Windows desktop gadgets due to “Security Issues”, I still can’t get past having a few Christmas Gadgets loaded around Christmas time.


(you can still use gadgets with windows 8, 8.1 & 10 by installing 8 Gadget Pack:, or Gadgets Revived: Download Christmas Radio Gadget Below. (Scroll Down)

One of my all time favorites was one called Christmas Radio, by However, over the years, the radio stations stopped working one by one, until finally, none worked at all. It also appears the website is long gone. I used the way back machine to see when the last sighting of that site was, and it seems to be Jan, 4 of 2012, then after that, the site was up for grabs.

Each year, I would look online for Christmas radio gadgets, and find none, and then I’d try searching for the same radio gadget and not be able to find it. For a few years, I used grooveshark or Pandora, and last year Spotify, but these are semi irritating to say the least.

This year I was going through old backups and I came across that Christmas Radio .gadget file, and a thought crossed my mind. “I usually enjoy the challenge of taking things apart, reverse engineering them, and figuring out how they work, or changing them to make them facilitate my own needs. I wonder if I might be able to apply that skill here?” Then I asked, what is a .gadget file anyway? In short, I discovered, it’s simply a renamed .zip file. Wait, WHAT!!!???

Sure enough, I was able to open this old gadget file with 7 zip and begin to manipulate the files within. I soon located the file that contained the radio stations list, found my own online stations that worked, and began replacing the old defunct ones with my new list. I’m proud to say, the good old standard Christmas Radio gadget is now working again and fully functional. I’ve included it here for your download pleasure, ENJOY!

(oh, and if you’re the author, great work! and if you want credit, please tell me who you are, or if you have any objections, please let me know.)


Download Dirhyllykt Doc’s Christmas Radio Gadget Redo!

Also Download My Older Christmas Cursor Sets here:

Download Dirhyllykt Doc’s Original 1995-97 Cursor Set By Clicking here!

Download Dirhyllyt Doc’s 2012 Christmas Cursor Set By Clicking here!


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Kindle Screenshots

Have a Kindle Fire HD 7”, or 8.9” and wondered if you can take screenshots? You can, it’s super simple, and kinda cool, check it out:

Watch Parts (Bands, Pins, Batteries etc.) & Repair Resources for a steal!

rolex-watch-repairBeing a watch guy, that collects, and repairs my own watches, I’ve come across a few sites that are priceless when it comes to getting me what I need to repair, or upgrade watches. When I say priceless, I mean absolutely stellar. Why? Because these sites and their proprietors not only provide a wealth of information and ordering capabilities, but also some great prices, as well as great products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

In the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles – All Watch Parts is my main source for the following:



I’ve dealt with these guys via amazon, ebay, their own website and over the phone and their just the best.
Check em out at

(these guys were a lifesaver recently when I majorly flubbed a simple job of replacing a movement battery for a secondary band movement on a classic, collectible, super hard to find Mickey Mouse Watch. After replacing the battery, my hand slipped while using the “watch back replacement tool” causing the guide to slip over onto the tiny crystal [12mm] and shatter it. I was able to easily find a replacement crystal for only $1, as well as a replacement band [the original had links removed and is too small])

For Quality bands/straps and great customer service, as well as an awesome web site that provides documentation for guidance such as a printable watch band width, and length measuring guide (which can also be used to determine your crystal, face and springbar sizes) I highly recommend Strapped for Time.strappedfortime

Check them out at

Here’s a link to the printable measuring guide:

and of course, some movements, bands, crystals, springbars, and even faces can be found on both Amazon and E-Bay.

Now if I could just find a good resource for Fossil and Invicta watches…..


Emjoi Rotoshave Review

I previously posted about this, However, at the time of that posting, I was merely “interested” and “intrigued” by the reviews I had read, and posted those.


It’s been a few years, and a friend recently asked “So you still like the Rotoshave?” and I had to respond,
“Ya know, I never actually bought one, considering the past track record with electric shavers performing poorly, I couldn’t justify spending the $100+, only to find out I wasn’t happy.”

This query rekindled my curiosity though, and I began looking into the Rotoshave again. I found even more positive reviews, a few negative, but most importantly, that they could now be purchased brand new for around $29. OK, $29, I am willing to risk, so I ordered one.

Being a “Dry Shave” man for the last 20 years (and yes, you heard that right – DRY SHAVE.) No water, no cream, just a razor. This seems to amaze some people.

Some years ago, I went in to the gym for my morning work out, and before showering, was dry shaving. In the mirror I could see a man standing and staring, with his mouth open, and could see he was a police officer. I remained silent and after a moment he finally said “Oh My God, are you really dry shaving? I have always heard of that, but never seen anyone who really could do it. Doesn’t it break your face out, don’t you cut yourself?”

“No, you get used to it after a week or so as long as you use the right razor, mines a Triple blade.”

That being said, you’re not supposed to use the Rotoshave as a dry shaver, in fact, it’s advertised as a  “Wet Shaver” and I found out why.

The Dry Shave:
The Rotoshave worked like a champ for the first 3rd of my stiff, wiry, unruly beard. but after that, I found it was cutting nothing. I had apparently ruined the blades.

The Wet Shave:
A few days later, I gave it another shot. After replacing the blade with a new one, I lathered up with some Gillette series shaving gel/foam. I was pleased to experience a smooth, fast and easy shave. Just as the Rotoshave ads claimed. It was more pleasant, easier, faster, and I actually got a closer shave than with my Triple head Norelco, but neither gets as close as my traditional Schick 5 blade razor. (Which I usually do a quick once over with after using the Norelco, and also did after using the Rotoshave.)


Another HUGE bonus for me, is I sometimes get “Bit” by the blades or my neck breaks out when using the Norelco. This is non-existant with the Rotoshave.

My only questions that remain unanswered are:

1) Will it shave as close and fast next time, and in subsequent shaves?

2) How long Will the blade last if only used as a wet shaver?
    (2 packs of Rotoshave replacement blades are $19)


To find the answers to these questions, I purchased an 8 pack of rotoshave blades from Ebay, winning the auction at $32 (Not bad considering it’s usually $19 for 2)
I then made sure the shaver was fully charged. I put in a new blade, and began a period of 2 or so weeks of every other day shaving. (Because I already know the Rotoshave has issues with longer stubble, and my default is every 2 days anyway, it’ll work out perfect)

The Verdict?

The Rotoshave was going strong on the 1 full charge for the full 2 weeks, and then some.
Battery Life/Performance – 10 of 10

Each of the 10 shaves turned out to be closer than my Norelco, with skin feeling fresh and smooth.
(and that 10th day, was a 3 day growth)

Shave Performace of New blade – 10 shaves and still going 10 of 10




The Rotoshave is a great wet shaver and works as advertised for a regular/semi regular shaving schedule.
It shaves closer and faster than a traditional electric shaver, and leaves you feeling fresh and smooth. Shave time was decreased just as advertised. (Even though I doubled my shave by going both with the grain first, then a second time against.)

The Rotoshave is a great daily/semi-daily upkeep device and works as advertised, and is worth the cost, even when purchasing refills at 2 for $19. (although I do recommend finding another source such as ebay to find better values.)

The Rotoshave is a true Wet Shaver and can be taken into the bath or shower (I don’t recommend submersing it in water, it may be able to take it in stride, but I am not sure about this)


You may think it feels a little strange at first, as the rotating head does transmit some vibration, which at first feels odd. In fact your first thought may be “I’m not putting that anywhere near my face.”

The Rotoshave is not intended and does not work well as a dry shaver.
(Either with or without shaving Creme/gel – water is definitely required)

The Rotoshave, like any other shaving instrument does less and less as well the longer the beard is. Longer will result in quickly dulling blades that won’t cut.

Image1I’m pretty happy with mine, especially since I got the deal on blades on ebay. As long as I keep up the every other day routine, it’s perfect! (any growth beyond will have to be dealt with using a traditional first, before attempting any use of the Rotoshave)

I also recommend if you purchase, make sure to get the shelf boxed version, and not the hanging store hook version, as the top and bottom of the shelf box snap together to form a great carrying case that will hold the shaver and 2 replacment blades (No Charger Space)



Trouble adding youtube videos to your blog? (WordPress tips)

Ever go to add a youtube video, or multiple youtube videos to your blog and find when you preview before publishing that it’s not the right video, or all the video’s you added are the exact same video (and not the right one anyway)? wordpress issuesThis is probably caused because you’re copying the video address or link from the video itself, within the authors or someone else’s list of videos.

The key here is to make sure the link looks like this:h++p://

(ignore + signs, these were used to avoid auto link being inserted)

and not like this:

(again, ignore + signs, these were used to avoid auto link being inserted)

The link you’re inserting should have a short set of mixed characters, after the /watch?v= like in the green example above, anything else will probably not work. (If you notice however, the red link is the same but adds &list= and more mixed characters. So as long as you remove the “&list=” and everything after it, your link should work as expected.)

Another Tip:

Ever go to the “Insert URL” under “Add Media” in wordpress, and have it not actually insert the video, but only a regular web link, and no matter how many times you try re-inserting the link, wordpress just does this same thing over and over? There’s an easy fix for this:

Find the link in your article (we’ll use the examples from above here again)

WordPress has inserted –
Which is appearing as a regular web link when you preview. To fix this merely add [y0utube= before the link and ] at the end of the link like this:


(I had to use “0” instead of “o” in the word “youtube” above, so wordpress didn’t automatically assume I was trying to insert a youtube video. Make sure you don’t copy and paste what I’ve shown above as it’s incorrect due to the substitution.)

NOTE: From what I’ve seen, wordpress does this almost every single time with youtube links that begin with https:// instead of http://

If yo have any questions, be sure to comment below and I’ll answer as best I can.