Limboing Right Under The Knife

It appears that all my hopes, and efforts to regain movement of my left arm and shoulder have aligned me in a most precarious way.

I’ve bobbed and weaved, danced and waved, moving as if flowing with the pulsing beat, of the limbo drums, leaning back, almost horizontal, below those flames (or in this case, the blade)

 I so desperately wanted to avoid (Look Ma, no hands!, and no shoulder either!) as all concentration resulted in a dangling arm, it’s hand limply dragging a trail in the dirt.

Here I thought I was being so impressive,

“look doc, I can lean way back like this!”,

to which his response was:

“Yes, Impressive, but what’s this line in the dirt I can see left behind you?”                           

“OH, You saw that….”  I gave it my best “Look, I can move it like this, and like that, and that’s a big improvement!”                                                                                                                                       “Yes, however you still cannot move it like this!” as he raised my arm and a lightning bolt of pain shot through me, then subsided. To which I sheepishly stated:        

“but look, I can at least get it up that high now.”                                                                                            

“On it’s own?”                                                                                                                                    

“Well, if I use the other arm to help it” — then just a long look with a knowing smile.                                       

“So maybe we could tie a pole to your back with a pully on the top and a rope, and you could just pull the rope whenever you needed to raise the other arm” Mimicing this motion and crossing his eyes. “You could look for work as a Marionette….<smiles> look, you’re not a puppet…..”

“*SIGH* so that’s it then, theres no fighting it, surgery it is?” *Knods*                                                     

“You’ll be down about 8 weeks, with absolutely no use of that arm for 4 of those weeks, then after 4 weeks I’ll only allow typing, absolutely no lifting, not even it’s own weight…..”                                                                                                                                      ***SIGH**

So there it is, I have to go under the knife. It’s the not officially on paper yet verdict, but straight from the horses mouth.



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